680 W, arm-bracket, max. depth. cut (der.) - 105 mm, max. depth. cut (steel) 12 mm, frequency of moves: 500-3100 stroke/min, stroke of blade: 23mm, weight: 2 kg, case

Main (RYOBI RJS1050-K)
Food network
Case type arm-bracket
Power 680 W
The frequency of moves 500 - 3 100 stroke/min
The amplitude of files 23 mm
Specifications (RYOBI RJS1050-K)
The maximum depth of cut (wood) 105 mm
The maximum depth of cut (steel) 12 mm
Mode matricula progress
Adjusting the frequency of the stroke
Weight 2.2 kg
Features (RYOBI RJS1050-K)
Illumination of the working area
The connection to the vacuum cleaner
The quick change system files
Transparent safety flap
Electronic speed control
Anti-vibration system
Trim (RYOBI RJS1050-K)
A table for mounting in the workplace
The number of files 2
Laser marker
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