Калибр ЛЭМ-850Е+


850 W, arm-bracket, max. depth. cut (der.) - 100 mm, max. depth. cut (steel) 4 mm, frequency of moves: speed 500-3000/min, stroke of saw blade: 18 mm, weight: 3 kg

Main (Калибр ЛЭМ-850Е+)
Food network
Case type arm-bracket
Power 850 watts
The frequency of moves 500 - 3 000 stroke/min
The amplitude of files 18 mm
Specifications (Калибр ЛЭМ-850Е+)
The maximum depth of cut (wood) 100 mm
The maximum depth of cut (steel) 4 mm
The maximum depth of cut (nonferrous metals) 8 mm
Mode matricula progress
Adjusting the frequency of the stroke
Weight 2.7 kg
Features (Калибр ЛЭМ-850Е+)
Illumination of the working area
The connection to the vacuum cleaner
Transparent safety flap
Laser marker
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